Monday, August 11, 2008

The Official Wedding Pictures

You'll need to sign in, but here is the link to our official wedding pictures!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Greek Slide Show

A little slideshow of pictures from the honeymoon in Greece!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

All Married

That's all folks. Brian and I tied the knot. It is official, we are married.

It was a beautiful day, and it seemed like everything couldn't have been more perfect.

We don't have to professional photos yet, but thanks to some family and friends, we can give you some snapshots of the day. Thank you Bruce, Margaret, Uncle Phil, Aunt Kate, Jordan, Abby, Uncle Don, and Maggie for taking some photos for us to share!!

Here we come walking down the aisle. Of course, that is me and my Dad.

We were able to exchange the rings. I couldn't get the ring past Brian's knuckle, so I said "that is where it will stay." I didn't realize at the time that it sounded a bit odd to all those who didn't know what was going on. Don't worry, I am not that crazy.

Brian with his awesome Best man Harry.

As you can see, we took the whole thing very seriously!

Well, that is what I have got for now. There will be more pictures to come! Thank you all so much for sharing in our special day!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday, June 27, 2008



One week and it is party time!!

Speaking of party time, tonight is my bachelorette party. Me, and some of the ladies are heading to downtown Denver, and we are going to live it up. I am not exactly sure what is on the agenda tonight, and I do want to keep this blog rated PG. :)

Other than that. We are getting the house ready for our guests. Mostly, that means washing all the many sheets and blankets that we have. It is a much slower process than I was expecting. Then, on Sunday, we are going to put together the favors. Fun!

I really can't wait to see everyone!!

And yes, this picture is really random, but we don't really have anything fun to show you. Sorry.

So this pic is from Father's Day two years ago. We all went out for a little trip around town, and Brian even was allowed to take off and fly a little bit. It was a pretty awesome day.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Today we went down to the good old recording office and got our marriage license. Woo hoo! I was so excited I was up at 6:00 and when I got up to get ready, I was running around the room. I couldn't help myself. Plus, anyone that knows me, knows I am a little strange.

We got there right after the opened, so there was no line. We paid our ten dollars, swore an oath that we are not related, and headed back out.

The Udi's bakery is right behind the office, so it smelled like donuts when we walked out. Yum!

I am super excited.

Hurrah for getting to marry Brian!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


We are at two weeks to go. That is right only two weeks until Brian and I say "I do". And even less time until we get to see some of our family and friends from out of town. Hurray!

We are down to minor details mode. All the major players have been chosen. Now we are just waiting on a few more responses, and we have to make some music choices. Then we will give all of our vendors the final count on people.

We also need to assemble all the favors, for all you lucky folks :) Hope with everything that I am worth that my bridesmaid gifts get here on time, fingers crossed everyone! Print up the programs, so we can actually let you know what is going on. And finally, find some time to actually hang out with Brian, and all of my family and friends who have been really helping with this whole process. In case I don't see you, Love you Guys!

I can't wait to see everyone! Let's get excited :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

T-Minus One Month!

That's right... it's June 4th, so the wedding is now merely a month away!

Everyone keeps asking if I'm nervous yet, but I'm really not nervous at all. Maybe a little about getting all the last bits of planning into place, but not for the actual act of the wedding. I mean after all, I would say I like Jessica a lot! Right Schnookums!? :) Plus the wedding is going to be so much fun! And we will both have bunches of family in town that we don't get to see too often. There will also be some incredible friends in town for the big day as well, some that I just don't get to see very often. So really, it's going to be a great time!

The week of the wedding is filling up quickly, so I really hope I can find time to jam everything in. It have a feeling I'll be pretty useless at work that week. And even more to look forward to; it's vacation time afterwards with a great trip in the works... spending two great weeks with just my "old lady". Who wouldn't be excited!?

If you are reading this and haven't gotten your invite returned yet... you are in trouble! Get to it! And this is the final week to get a room from the hotel we blocked off, so get on that as well!

And we'll see everyone in a month!

Monday, May 26, 2008

A little news

Hurrah, my wedding ring came in, and it looks beautiful! I love it. It is titanium with a platinum inlay, and it has diamonds in it too. I mean really, what more could a girl ask for?

Everett (the photographer) called and wants us to call him back. The only problem is, since he has called, we haven't really been home. First we went to the Cure concert. They were amazing, and even gave three encores. Plus there was a lightning storm to the east of us, so that was cool to watch too. Then on Thursday, we went to see Will Roger's Follies at BDT. I "have" to go see all the shows for my job. Life sure is rough. The rope tricks were amazing, and the show was pretty good overall. Then B and I were off to Durango for the weekend for some bike racing (Brian, not me).

Let me just stop there for a moment. Can I just say that on the first official weekend of summer, we drove through snow. SNOW!! Granted we were heading to Durango, so we were up in the high mountains...but really, snow?!

Fianlly, I am blogging really quickly, and then I am off to repack. I am heading off to New Mexico with Mom and Nancy. Mom has finished her 4 years of schooling, and she is being ordained. It is all very exciting! So, I will actually be back next weekend. Maybe I can give him a call then!

That is the big wedding news for this week.
We are at 5 weeks to go!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Details, details

Talk about a lot of fun!! Brian and I got to head back up to Lionscrest last Wednesday and settle some of the details. First of all, I was reminded of how beautiful the venue is. Plus, it was a pretty nice day, the first one in awhile, so that helped.

We were able to pick the table linens, and what color linens go where. Also, we decided that Margaret is going to be in charge of the informant. If people are running late, and call Lionscrest, the staff will let her know. Steve is going to be in charge of settling with the liquor store folks. If there are any unopened bottles, then we get some of our money back, and they will be letting him know the deal with the open bottles that we get to keep. Sorry folks, we don't get to pick them up until Saturday. And finally, Nancy is going to be in charge of getting any gifts back to our house. There were some other small details, but I won't bore them with you all. Let's just say, that I hadn't even thought about some of those things, and had to make a decision johnny-on-th-spot.

It was an especially good day because Brian's ring came in. It makes him look super hot. He wanted to keep wearing it, after trying it on, but I wouldn't let him. It is a good thing too, because he tried it on, again, a little later, and it almost got stuck on his finger. So, he is not allowed to put it on anymore, until the big day.

We also have all the details of the cake worked out. And if my imagination proves correct, it is going to be lovely. Most important, however, is it should taste FABULOUS! The Colorado Rose Cake Company makes some tasty stuff.

So, it got me all revved up for the wedding. I am so excited I am about to pop. Less than 7 weeks to go folks!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Well, hmmm, what can I tell you.
I have been working my little bum off and haven't had a single moment to do anything for the wedding. Literally!
The most I have done... this past week, I sent an email to the cake folks letting them know the flavors that we wanted and the design that we like. The good news is that I talked Brian into doing a pecan cake (which tastes better than it sounds) for our anniversary cake, instead of red velvet. I am just not much of a red velvet cake kind of person, I guess.
And that is it.
No really, that is all that I have done for the past few months!
However, it was just my birthday, and that was WONDERFUL!
I got lots of call from friends and family, and got to have a lovely dinner with Brian. It was so much fun! Also, he got me tickets to the Rockies game and a Helton jersey. Hurrah!! That is so cool! Also, he got me a book light, and I have been wanting one of those forever. So, I am a very happy girl.
So, once my current show closes, I will be able to actually do something for the wedding, and I will let you know about it here.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just Three Months Away!?

How did that happen!? Suddenly we're down to just 3 months until the big day! That's pretty exciting actually! Though it also means we are quickly running out of time for all of the things that need to be done, and all those crazy loose-ends that need to be tied up.

Some updates for everyone...

We've blocked off some great rooms at the Boulder Courtyard Marriott Clicking on this link will take you directly to their site, and ensure that you have the appropriate code already attached for the special pricing. Act fast though, as the rooms must be reserved by 5pm on June 5th, in order to get the special pricing. This is a great hotel, in a quiet area, and just outside of downtown Boulder.

We've also got registries at both Macy's and at Target.

Jessica and I are both excited to see all our friends and family! If you are coming from out of town, don't hesitate to contact us, if you have questions about the area, or places to go or things to do while you are here. We're sure you will love Colorado as much as we do, and there are no shortage of things to do!

Friday, February 29, 2008


Well, I had the test run for my hair and makeup done this week.
First, I went all the way up to Evergreen to get it done. Really it is just across the mountain from us, but there is no direct route, so you basically have to drive all the way to Denver and then turn around and drive all the way back up the mountain. Luckily, the snow held off and it was a pretty nice drive both ways.
I showed up at 3:30, and I got out of there around 6...I think. It may have been 7. I don't remember, it has been a long week. :)
Anyway, there were a couple of interruptions, so luckily that is not actually how long it will take. But it will be close.
I LOVED my hair. It was so much fun. And other than that, I will tell you nothing about it, so you can be surprised.
Also, it was a lot of fun to try airbrush makeup. I felt like a superstar. And it actually came out looking pretty natural. The only strange thing was the lipstick looked pale on my lips in the mirror, but when we took a picture of it, the lipstick looked orange. And I mean orange. So, we will be doing something a little different there. But other than that, it was perfect.
So, I had a lot of fun!
Heather, who is the makeup artist, is really nice. And her daughter, who is almost two, is adorable! She was cracking me up. Luckily, Dad could take her home though so we could actually get something done. Although, she was very helpful in putting all of the bobby pins in different places.
I gonna look so purdy

Friday, February 22, 2008


Hello everyone

Sorry for the long break in my blogs. I have been super busy with work, and I feel like there isn't much time to breath, let alone to check up on emails and post blogs. So now I have a brief break before I head down to open the next show in my stint of continuous work as a Stage Manager. (Hurrah for The Vic, by the way)

So, Mom, Dad, Diana, Brian and I all got together for a lovely get together. The set up was a little "private room" at an actual table and had our tasting. It was a lot of fun, and I felt like we were spending a million dollars on the wedding. "And trust me, we aren't spending THAT much."

We were offered water, soda and wine. We did have to move our center piece so that we could talk to one another. Taller is not always better. Then we were off and running on eating all that tasty food. We were first given a selection of appetizers. There was a fried risotto, a brie tartlet, brushetta, and a stuffed mushroom. They were all pretty tasty, but the overall favorite was the mushroom. Let me just tell you, I in general just can't stand the taste of mushrooms, so the fact that it was my favorite was saying a lot about the ability of these folks to cook some good food.

After we were given a chance to chat and think up some general questions, our dinner was brought out. Dad was so excited to try to food that Brian didn't get a chance to get a shot of the presentation. But it was pretty, you will just have to trust us

We had a taste of chicken, a taste of beef and a taste of salmon. All went over well, and everyone seemed to have a different favorite. But we were very spoiled and had a lot of very good food. It was a wonderful night, and it gave us an idea of what food we would like to have at our wedding. We also discovered how expensive some decisions can be, and we had to adjust accordingly. Those hidden charges kill me. All in all, it was a wonderful night!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Still planning?!

Well, now that the holidays are over, and I have put as much food in my tummy as I can is time to focus on the wedding again.

Mostly, we are back in appointment phase.

I need to make an appointment to pick up the dress and veil. Dad and/or Diana needs to be there for that, so that we can be hidden away from Brian's peeping eyes. :)

We have made an appointment with the caterer to do the tasting. Let's stop here a minute and talk about this. Really, isn't the entire point of the wedding to get to taste all the different food and cake beforehand? Why else would one plan this kind of stuff? So, I am looking forward to that. We will get to do that on Feb 6.

I am in the process of making an appointment to do a preview of my hair and makeup. This is also pretty exciting, because I am going to be getting makeup that is airbrushed on. How cool is that? Hopefully, I won't be allergic to the stuff. :)

We also are trying to get in touch with the liquor store that is providing the adult beverages. We need to see how much it is going to cost us to have a full bar, so don't get your hope up yet.

Also, I need to make an appointment with the seamstress, that is Nancy, to see how the bridesmaid dresses are coming along. Nancy, if you are reading this, call me :)

Then there is that little decision of how we actually want the ceremony performed.

So, I guess you could say we are planning.

Do people really do this for a living?

Friday, December 7, 2007

Not our turn...yet

This past weekend was pretty amazing, and a little frustrating all at the same time.
First, let's get the bad stuff out of the way, so we can focus on all the good stuff at the end. Just to give you some background, Brian and I went out East this past weekend for my cousin Tim's wedding. Well, we had to get up waaaay to early. We slept in until the last possible moment, and that was 4:00. That's right folks, in the AM. Needless to say, we were a little tired. (My saint of a Mom, actually got up that early to drive us to the airport!) The result of neither of us being very awake is that Brain misplaced his very cool camera, somewhere in the airport. We called that lost and found so many times, but as sad new goes, no one turned it in. Sad! That is why there will be no pictures in this blog, because we had no camera. Once we got to the hotel, our business connection room, did not have wireless access, as promised in their ads. So that put a crimp in all the emails that we were supposed to send home, AND there was no swimming pool. Poor Brian.
As the days wore on Brian's brother never gave us a call, so we never got to spend some time with him. Stinker! How often do we get to make it out to your neck of the woods? :)
Once at the wedding, more on that in the good part, one of the waiters spilled (I am talking full on shattered the glass, and everything) red wine on my cream colored wrap. Dad says that one of the stains looks like a human heart. Hmmm. Then, as I was sitting talking to Aunt Barbara about how to fix the stain situation, the opal fell out of its setting in my necklace. *sigh* I think my bad luck was a little contagious. Lissie (one of my other cousins) looked down at her watch and the face of it was Badly cracked.
Then on the way home, our plane was delayed 2 hours, on top of our four hour layover. Of course the weather in Georgia was perfect, but our plane was coming from NY where a big storm had hit. Once we got back to Denver, now around midnight, we were exhausted yet again. So, I went and lost my cell phone. Yep, my brand new, just got the 2G memory card, cell phone. So at this point, you can't call me there. :) So again, I called the lost and found obsessively, and again, no one was kind enough to turn it in.
NOW, for the good stuff! HURRAH! Of course, the wedding was amazing! Tim and Meghan, it was beautiful! The dinner was tasty, the cake looked gorgeous and Meghan, there are no make a lovely bride! Brian and I got to sit with Chris and Lissie during the reception, and while Chris ducked out early to go see a show, Lissie and I were able to dance the night away. I had a great time! And while the James Brown song was not the preferred one, I think that we still were able to live it up. I did also get a slow dance in with Brian and my Dad, who could ask for anything more?
On the family front, I was able to see everyone. It is a rare event, and one of the greatest things ever. All the Aunts, all the Uncles, both the Grandparents and all the cousins. Cool! B and I also spent some real quality time with Grandmom and Grandpop. They took us over to Longwood Gardens and we were able to see the Christmas display. Later that day, Brian and I went back to see all the Christmas lights. (We missed Uncle Jim singing by a hair, but it was still fun). I got to show off my beautiful engagement ring. (It almost didn't make it back from the resizing in time, we only had a few hours to spare when I picked it up) And I found out that most of my extended family is planning on coming out for our wedding. Hurrah!
Anyway, I had a wonderful weekend, despite all the bad stuff! I wish Tim and Meghan the very best in life!
Happy Wedding Days

Monday, October 29, 2007

Hello Ladies

That's right. These are the lovely ladies. All of my beautiful Bridesmaids. We took these pictures at a lunch that we all had. The lunch was to decide dresses that the girls would like to wear. Nancy (my Maid of Honor) and I chose the fabric, and the girls picked a dress pattern that they liked from several that were brought to the lunch. All in all a very productive afternoon. So, let's meet the ladies... From left to right...
Keely: I met Keely at Mt. Evans bicycle race. She was there to cheer on her man, and noticed that a group of us were cheering for the same team. Now, our beaus are on separate teams, but
the bond has stayed strong. She is finishing up her final year of residency (I hope that is what it is called) and is the "go to girl" for all the cycling girls who have baby questions.
Alex: I met Alex in genetics class at CU. Oddly enough, we both dropped out of the MCDB major, and moved onto something else. However, a great friendship formed out of that class. She ended up moving into the apartment on our property and we have had a harmonious living situation since. (If you ask her, she will tell you the real reason she moved up is because of the squishy faces of my mastiffs). Alex is working as a (again, hope this is the right term) home care nurse. She aides people in their final moments.


Stephanie: I met Stephanie in the cafeteria when we were both in middle school. She was the new girl, and she looked both
cool, and a little scared. It turns out I was very correct about the cool part. Stephanie and I have lost touch a couple of times, but we always seem to find each other again. Our friendship has stood the test of time. She now has a beautiful daughter that steals everyone's heart. She is a teacher of the 2nd grade and is helping to mold young minds.
Whitney: I met Whitney at theatre day camp, when I was 15. It had been a really hard year at school before, and she came in and
showed me what true friendship was made of. We had a fantastic summer, and found a way to keep our friendship alive, despite living in different cities, and at one point different states. She currently has a couple of jobs, but the main on is a Nanny. She is fantastic with kids!
Nancy: I met her, well, when I was born. She is my sister. We have always had an amazing bond. We are ten years apart, so that never lent us much of a chance to fight with each other. So we have almost always got along really well. (Except when I drew in all her books, sorry about that) She is a stay at home mom, and with four kids, that is more than a job. Throughout my life, she has always been one of my heros.Thank you so much ladies for being a part of my life, and a part of this wedding. I love you all SOOOOO much! (And thanks Mom for the photos!!)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Still planning

Well folks, we have come to that mark! We only have nine months to go until wedding day. Officially, that means that we have some more planning to do. For this month, we are going to head out to a couple of events and taste what our caterer has to offer. We get to start looking for the invitations that we want to use, and all other stationary accessories. And, we also get to continue on our quest of a videographer. Of all the things we have had to find, this is the most difficult for me to really get into. I don't know too much about videography, and honestly, a lot of wedding videos are pretty cheesy! Sure, I want to have one, so I can watch it and see what actually happened, but choosing one is not easy. I decided to cheat a little bit, and asked our photographer if he knew anyone that was good. I figured, I like our photographer, and he is in the business, so maybe he knows people.

Also, now is the time to reserve the "bridal suite" for the night before, and the night of the wedding. My plan is to stay somewhere in Boulder the night before the wedding, for many reasons. First, there is that traditionalist part of me that thinks that I should be separated from Brian the night before. Second, it gives me a place for all of us girls to get ready on the day of the wedding. :)

Brian and I are going to look at blocking off a couple of rooms for people that need it. Thank you Margaret for reminding me of this essential! Hopefully this will make things cheaper for our out of town guests, or our in town guests that want to stay close. However, I think this sounds like an excellent Brian job! :)

My lovely lady Bridesmaids have all chosen their dresses, and Nancy is on the road to start making them. So get that information that Nancy needs to her ladies! Those dresses won't appear overnight. :)

Well, this is an older picture, but I had to post
something. And it reminds me to tell you all, if you are looking for a nicer place to eat, and want some good seafood, go to The Aquarium! I know it is a little sick and twisted, eating some fish, while watching the lucky ones swim around. BUT, it is totally worth it, and we had a lot of fun! (Come on Craig, you know you want to go soon!)

Friday, September 21, 2007

Pictures and more

It has been too long since I have posted. However, I can honestly say, there wasn't much to tell you. It has been a time of meetings, and setting up more meetings. Finally, I have some fun news.

First off, Brian and I had our engagement pictures done last Wednesday. We had to drive out to the boonies, which is where I photographer decided to do the session. I was quite nervous, as I don't really enjoy having my picture taken. However, once things got underway, I started having a pretty good time. Brian and I got to laugh a lot, and I started to relax, so many of the pictures look pretty natural. If you are actually interested in ordering some, please don't order them from the website!!! It is a waste of your money. Contact me, and we will write down the order for you. It will save you at LEAST a couple of dollars.

Also, Brian and I finally decided on a florist. It took a lot of questions, and a lot of interviews. But, that decision is made. Whew! I don't want to tell you too much about the flowers, because I want some things to be a surprise. BUT, I think that it will look pretty nice. We decided on Sarah Vogal Thomas designs. I don't think she has a website, so you will just have to take me word for it that she is good. Plus, she was only florist that gave us ideas, but listened to what we wanted!

Also, Mom, Dad and Diana all came down with me to look at me ACTUAL dress. That is right folks, it has already come in. Mom and I looked it over to see if there were any flaws. There were some, and they were VERY small. However, the shop is great, and they are doing everything to make sure that the dress is perfect. It was very exciting to me to show the fam. the dress! Although I didn't get to take it home, as planned, I am still VERY happy with the experience. I am pretty sure that everyone loves the dress too. But you will have to ask them. :)

Anyway, sorry no photos in the blog... So I guess I will post this random one. I love Boulder.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Officials and Flowers

Well, we have an officiant picked out... now it's on to florists!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Engagement Party

This past weekend Jessica's mom was kind enough to throw us an engagement party! It took some time to make sure everyone was actually going to be around on the same weekend, but we did it. It took a good bit of preparing as well, but we got it all done, and a bunch of our friends and family joined us for a nice relaxing time! It was a beautiful day, no rain for once, and no one had to do anything other than show up, eat, and drink.

Fun in the hot tub

Jessica's Mom, enjoying the party!

Jessica's Dad, and Sister Nancy

Alex, myself and Craig doing some cooking!

Draven showed up, and was ready to party!

Jeff's new pup, Tanis, was irrisistable.

Jessica and I work together to slice up some ice cream cake.

The gang parties.

Seth says, "Ice cream cake yummy".

Jesse samples the new Mothership Wit from New Belgium.

A mass of Teriyaki Shrimp from the BBQ!

Craig, Stephanie and Keely (with Neo getting in the shot) enjoying the party.

Thanks for coming everyone! We wish those of you that are out of town would have been able to make it! All in all, a GREAT party!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


This is a previously composed post that I did for my Myspace page. I thought it would be a nice addition for those who haven't heard the engagement story...and possibly even for those who have.

That's right folks, my first blog ever gets to be my big announcement. Brian popped the question while we were in Australia. It was the perfect propsal!
He proposed in Perth on my Australian Birthday. (As they are about 1/2 a day ahead of CO time) (Brian pointed out to me that it was actually late enough in the day, that it was also my CO birthday too)It was in Perth, down by Swan River.

The sun was sinking, the light was beautiful, and it was a sunny gorgeous day! (This picture was actually taken the day after, I was too excited to even think about taking photos when it happened)
We sat on the park bench, and I was asking if I could have my b-day present yet, when he pulled out the little box and asked my favortie question ever.

I, of course, was so excited, I felt like I was going to pop! I forgot to even answer and said instead "Are you serious?" I then whet on to exclaim how beautiful the ring is. When Brian reminded me I hadn't acutally answered yet, I of course immediately said yes!
The ring is titanium and is "spring loaded" so it holds the diamond in place by placing constant pressure on it. The beauty of this is that you can actually see the whole diamond from the side. He inscribed the inside with "I love you Jessica" and the infinity symbol

Needless to say. I feel I am the luckiest girl in the world!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Makin' Plans

There is a ton to see and do in Colorado! So keep an eye on the board to the left, where we have posted some links that should help our out-of-town guests find their way around!

From lodging to entertainment, scenic drives to shopping, hiking to gambling, we hope we have you covered. We'll continue to add links as we can, and if you are wondering about something in particular, just let us know! We will be happy to throw out suggestions of great places to see, and things to do while you are in beautiful Colorado!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rehearsal Dinner

Well, Brian and I got to thinking...where on earth are we going to have our rehearsal dinner. There isn't too much in Lyons, as it is the epitome of a small town, that is on the way to big tourist attractions.

Then Brian remembered, there is this amazing little restaurant. In my opinion they have some pretty good burgers there. And the best part is, they have sweet potato fries. This is my new food addiction, and I am willing to go to great lengths to get them.

Also, to be a little bit mushy, this is also the place that Brian and I had our first kiss. So, that also helps make the place that much more fitting.

Now, I can't grantee that this is where we will have dinner. We have almost a year to change our minds, and for me to change my food addictions. However, I think it is a great spot, and literally just down the hill from Lionscrest. I hope you all like a little something a little southern!

Friday, July 13, 2007


Well, I guess I can’t say that this is really a wedding update. But I will throw in some boring info about the wedding too.

Yesterday was our anniversary. Hurrah! It has been 4 years now, 4 amazing years. True to form Brian and I decided to go bowling. This is what we have done for every anniversary, since that is what we did on our first date. And, I must say, for two people who didn’t know each other very well, it was a great time! Our plans were almost foiled however, when we went to our “normal” bowling place, and they were having league bowling until late. Oh no!

So we headed out for some dinner and to try to figure out what to do next. However, the spot that we headed to, surprise, it was closed. And I mean closed for good. Odd, I didn’t see that particular restaurant chain closing…

Anyway, so we had to completely revamp our plans. We headed to the tried and true, Hibachi restaurant. However, this time we just went in for sushi. (We had been there last Sunday for Brian’s birthday) It was pretty good, and we had fun people watching, and watching the chefs make the sushi. Let me just say, that I think avocado is one of the best foods ever!

Later, we decided to go to “expensive bowling place”. Normally, their prices are through the roof. However, since it was not cosmic bowling it wasn’t too bad. Our shoes were delivered to us and the bowling lane, and we got a free pair of funny socks. (there is a pins and ball design on the top) So there will be no complaining here.

My camera is on the fritz, I need to pull out the manual and get it back into working order. So, none of the pictures came out really well. Sorry! However, I can’t help but love this one. I just like that you can see the ball swinging up and back.

The games were close. I stunk it up the first round!! The second round, I stomped Brian, and even got the high score of the evening. One hundred twenty something…I know, shameful! J But in our tie-breaking round, Brian ended up beating me by two points.

Overall, it was a fantastic night!

As far as wedding stuff goes. We have received the contract from the photographer and the caterer. All we have to do is sign, seal and deliver. The photographer provided no surprises, as we had talked about most of it beforehand. I was a little surprised at the caterer. I know that they have to cover themselves in this sue-happy society. However, I did notice that there was very little (one item) about the services that they are required to provide, and everything else (the other fifteen points) were about what we were to do, and what we could not blame them for. So, I have sent them some questions that Brian and I had, concerning the contact, but I am sure it will all work out. See, I told you it was boring…

Friday, July 6, 2007


So I found some pictures of the colors that we are thinking of for the wedding. They are going to be sage green and silver, as the primary colors, and a blue as an accent color.

As you can see, depending on the light and how close you are the colors look a little different. The dress is the actual color of sage that I am thinking. The swatch shows a close up of the sage and lotus colors together. They actually create a very pretty combo.

The blue was inspired by the hydrangea. (Plus, it has been my favorite color since I was tiny)

So, the thought is to have the bridesmaids and groomsmen in the green and have the mothers in the blue.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

It's the 4th

Hello Wedding Curious!
Well, the big news this week is that we chose our photographer. He seems like a nice person, with somewhat reasonable prices, and he seems to know his stuff. Although we haven’t let him know that we chose him yet. We will save that for tomorrow. Check out his work here.
The interview process of the photographers felt long, and pretty painful. If you haven’t heard me complain before, the prices that they are willing to ask, are shocking! Really, we don’t even have to pay for film anymore. And one can use the same 3 or 4 memory cards over and over, so I don’t really see what the big expense is. Oh well, no more ranting.
Also, today is the big ONE YEAR TO GO mark! That’s right, one measly little year to get everything planned, picked, sent out, and ready. I think it is pretty crazy. However, I find it very exciting. One more year, and I suddenly turn into The Mrs.
We also have scheduled our rehearsal date. It is going to be July 2nd at 6pm. Yes, that is a Wednesday, and yes, our wedding is on a Friday, but that is how they run it at Lionscrest. (If you haven’t heard about the wedding site, and you want to get a sneak-peek
Our next step is going to be finding an officiant for our non-denominational ways. I have left that in Brian’s capable hands. Mostly, I got a little burned out, looking through all the photographers and setting up interviews, and all that jazz. So I figured the next step would be a good one for Brian to get his hands dirty in this whole wedding process. Really, we are both looking forward to the cake and catering tasting. Yum!
Happy Fourth of July!